Evangelina Guerra Luján.

Beyond the traditional boundaries.

Evangelina “The Nomad” Guerra Luján is a mexican business woman, architect, urban designer, public space startegist & spatial designer. She has been operating internationally for a decade beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture, merging alternative tools and disciplines usually seen far from spatial practices.  She is founder & Director Of Cuxta Taller, dedicated to real state development of carefully chosen strategic urban projects from a contemporary vision of enhacing the holistic concept of a city. The diagnosis and field work performed by the team result in architectural / spatial devices or systems (of various formats and scales) used to discover the territory anew where the citizen/user is always the axis. Cuxta Taller collaborates in partnership with studio Transversal Arquitectura Paisaje Urbanismo. 

Education2015 Specialization Degree in Ephemeral Urban Architecture: Exhibition Spaces & Curatorial Practices / ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering / Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona, Spain.
2012 Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Sciences: Spatial Design (FH MAS) /Zürich School of the Arts (ZHdK). Zurich, Switzerland2009 Postgraduate in Design, Art and Society: Actions on Public Space /
ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering / Pompeu Fabra University. Barcelona, Spain
2008 BA Architect - Major in Urban Design
Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Barcelona, Spain. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Guadalajara, México
Evangelina is also the founder and creative director of The Nomad Network: a research studio founded in Switzerland (2010); and currently based in the mexican desert of Chihuahua. It focuses on cultural, social, political and other zeitgeist engaged in the production of new territories in contemporary society, and therefore of new perspectives in design. The Nomad Network has been an active and enthusiastic actor in the investigation of new spatial questions leading to new interactions, their understanding and manifestations.

Previously, Evangelina collaborated as senior researcher, book designer and information curator at the Institute for Design Research at the Zürich School of Arts.She worked as senior spatial researcher and designer at Intégral Ruedi Baur Zürich and Intégral Ruedi Baur Paris, participating mainly in the development of “Evento: l'art pour une ré-evolution urbaine”: a public art biennial in Bordeaux, France, under the curatorial direction of Michelangelo Pistoletto. Evangelina is the former Academic Coordinator at the School of Architecture & Industrial Design of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in León, México. She has also participated as full-time/guest professor, keynote speaker, critic and workshop leader and creative consultant at several internationally renowned schools including: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana, ITESM & ISAD.She has had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with numerous collectives from Mexico, South America, Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and United States.